Top 5 Cancer Stories
January 2014
From our Cancer Research News site:
The microbiome and tumor management

By Kelsey Kaustinen, DDNews senior editor
University of Michigan researchers discover that the gut community significantly affects tumorigenesis in models of colorectal cancer

From our January 2014 issue:
Roche and Molecular Partners ally against cancer

By Jeffrey Bouley, DDNews chief editor
Partnership will combine novel biologics with drug-conjugate technology

From our January 2014 issue:
Blood cancer compounds boding well

By Kelsey Kaustinen, DDNews senior editor
Novartis announces positive results for cancer compounds for multiple myeloma, leukemia

From DDNews Online:
Inserm Transfert, GSK ink license agreement

By Kelsey Kaustinen, DDNews senior editor
No financial terms were disclosed, but the organizations will work to develop therapeutic antibodies against an immune checkpoint molecule

From DDNews Daily News:
Phase 2 study shows promise for GBM vaccine

By Lloyd Dunlap, DDNews managing editor
ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Phase 2 study demonstrates that glioblastoma patients live longer without disease progression when treated with ICT-107
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