DDNEWS Top 5 Cancer Stories
September 2013


Don't miss our top cancer-related news coverage this month:
From our September 2013 issue:
By Ilene Schneider, DDNews Contributing Editor
Databases are designed to facilitate research for personalized cancer treatment
From DDNews Cancer Research News:
By Kelsey Kaustinen, DDNews Senior Editor
Researchers model the movement of cancer cells to determine how to keep them from spreading 
By Amy Swinderman, DDNews Chief Editor
For decades, clinicians and researchers have been taking leftover cells, tissue, blood and organs from patients and using them in the name of advancing scientific and medical research. Tremendous gains have been realized from these leftovers, but each milestone has been marked by the unresolved issue of informed consent--because sometimes, these researchers are not asking patients if it's OK to use their leftovers.
From DDNews Daily News:
By Kelsey Kaustinen, DDNews Senior Editor
Companies to develop Inovio's highly optimized, multi-antigen DNA immunotherapies for prostate cancer and hepatitis B
From DDNews Online:
By Jeffrey Bouley, DDNews Managing Editor
Phase II trial results show strong response to therapy among patients, and the company's stock surges
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